Timetable « Numbers and Truth
13:30‑14:30 Welcome/Registration/Coffee
14:30‑15:30 Leon Horsten: Truth, conditionals, and paradox [slides]
15:45‑16:45 Juliette Kennedy: Change the logic, change the meaning? [slides]
16:45‑17:00 Coffee
17:00‑17:45 Walter Dean and Hidenori Kurokawa: Numbers, constructive truth, and the Kreisel-Goodman Paradox [slides]
17:50‑18:35 Andrea Strollo: The disentanglement of syntax from a model theoretic point of view [slides]
18:40‑19:25 Graham E. Leigh: A proof-theoretic account of classical principles of truth [slides]
20:00 Dinner
9:30‑10:30 Roman Kossak: Model theory of satisfaction classes [slides]
10:30‑11:00 Coffee
11:00‑12:00 Albert Visser: Degrees of interpretability of finitely axiomatized sequential theories [slides]
12:15‑13:15 Richard Kaye: Adding standardness to nonstandard models [slides]
13:15‑14:30 Lunch
14:30‑15:30 Rafał Urbaniak: Neologicism: for real(s)? [slides]
15:45‑16:45 Konrad Zdanowski: On notation systems for natural numbers and polynomial time computations [slides]
16:45‑17:15 Coffee
17:15‑18:00 Shunsuke Yatabe: Yablo’s paradox and ω-inconsistency [slides]
18:15‑19:00 Edoardo Rivello: Revision without ordinals [slides]
19:30 Dinner
9:30‑10:30 Sean Walsh: Empiricism, Probability, and Knowledge of Arithmetic [slides]
10:30‑11:00 Coffee
11:00‑12:00 Martin Fischer: Truth and groundedness [slides]
12:15‑13:15 Volker Halbach: Axiomatic and semantic approaches to truth [slides]
13:15‑14:30 Lunch
14:30‑16:30 Special session, Roman Kossak: Husserl’s philosophy of arithmetic, a discussion [slides]