Programme « Numbers and Truth


The conference will start in the early afternoon Friday the 19th October and end with lunch on Sunday the 21st of October.

Invited speakers:

  • Martin Fischer (Munich)
  • Volker Halbach (Oxford)
  • Leon Horsten (Bristol)
  • Richard Kaye (Birmingham)
  • Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
  • Roman Kossak (New York)
  • Rafał Urbaniak (Gdańsk/Ghent/Trinity College Dublin)
  • Albert Visser (Utrecht)
  • Sean Walsh (Irvine)
  • Konrad Zdanowski (Warsaw)

Contributed speakers:

  • Walter Dean (Warwick) and Hidenori Kurokawa (New York)
  • Graham E. Leigh (Oxford)
  • Andrea Strollo (Helsinki)
  • Edoardo Rivello (Pisa)
  • Shunsuke Yatabe (Kyoto)

Book of abstracts

  • You can find the book of abstracts here.